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A Great Lakes Sailor:
Child Custody
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The Orphan Train - Part 8

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October 2017 > A Great Lakes Sailor

Child Custody

Author Info:

Amanda Roggenbuck
Amanda is a long-time contributor to the Lakeshore Guardian. She currently resides in Huron County, Michigan.

Articles by Amanda Roggenbuck

This month, I begin a series discussing child custody in Michigan. Currently, in Michigan two types of custody exist: legal and physical. Children may be subject to any combination of physical and legal custody by the parties involved. 

Those custody scenarios could include sole custody, which involves one parent having physical and legal custody. Another alternative is joint custody, which involves both parents sharing legal and physical custody. Or an alternative could include one parent has sole legal or sole physical custody and sharing the other custody with the second parent. 

Next month I will describe the custody factors the court must consider. 

The information in this article is not intended to serve as legal advice nor does it replace consulting a lawyer about your legal situation and questions.