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March 2015 > Healing From the Roots Up

Cancer - Part Five: Faith in Your Healing

Author Info:

Dr. Jessica Pawlowski
Jessica Pawlowski is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Massage Therapist. She is the owner of Tree of Life Natural Health Center in Harbor Beach.

Articles by Dr. Jessica Pawlowski

Activating your faith in healing is the first and most important step in your healing process. The first thing is to believe that you can be well. Natural healing acknowledges that the body has a natural capacity to heal itself. The body wants to be well. If a person simply believes that they are going to get well, they will, regardless of whatever else they do. Faith is the greatest healer of all. Faith is taking hold of what we do not already have as if we already had it. Disease is a demon who is trying to get the body’s system out of balance.

Thoughts and emotions are vibrations or energies, which have a ripple effect that runs through the whole body, creating a positive or negative response. Positive thinking provides an electrical stimulus through the nervous system and activates the healing energy of the tissues.

So what is the Naturopathic Perspective?

Develop the imaginative power of the right brain. The right hemisphere of the brain controls music awareness, spatial construction, artistic intelligence, holistic thinking, imagination, insight, intuition, three-dimensional and pattern perception, relaxation, creativity, visualization, meditation, affirmations, and provides more efficacy with the psychology of surviving cancer.

Affirmations: This is a present tense statement that affirms what you want as you actually have it. Thoughts and emotions are vibrations or energies, which have a ripple effect that runs through the whole body, creating a positive or negative response. Positive thinking provides an electrical stimulus through the nervous system and activates the healing energy of the tissues. If we are talking negatively, "Oh, I’m so sick," or "I don’t think I’ll ever get better," this can rob us of our healing. The body believes everything that it hears the mind say. The stream of thoughts that runs through one's mind are vital to the body’s health.

Relaxation Techniques: For 15 minutes, three times a day, upon rising, after lunch and before bed, relax deeply by use of a progressive relaxation technique.

Meditation: This is a time-honored and effective method of bringing a state of consciousness in which one stops awareness of the surroundings so the mind can focus on a single precept, which leads to rest and relief from stress. During meditation, as the mind calms and clears, the body relaxes and energy flows. Clearing the mind allows deep knowing to flower and to be heard. This is one of the primary purposes of meditation. This deep knowing (spiritual guidance) tells us what we really want and how to get there. This clear awareness allows for openness to inner truth and deep knowing.

Don’t waste time by thinking, acting or praying like a victim. Feeling victimized only adds to your illness. (Myss, 60) Your task is to learn the lesson that the teacher has for you rather than to resent the teacher. Once you set your sights on the lesson rather than the teacher, you have achieved a significant benefit of symbolic sight.

Each cancer case is individual and may require further testing and assessments in order to design a program that is specifically tailored to you and your health concerns. There are no cookie-cutter fixes; we are all individuals with different body, blood and metabolic types; genetic constitutions; and toxicities. Your cancer protocol should then be individual and specifically tailored for you. You are not just a cancer diagnosis but an individual with specific needs. True healing occurs when we can find out what the body needs and “Heal from the Roots Up.”

Remember: “It is our job to Do what we can Do, and Let God do the Rest.”

If you are interested in more information on cancer and how to keep the body healthy, the Tree of Life Natural Health Center, located in Harbor Beach, offers health consultations and monthly health classes. All sessions are $40 per hour. For more information call 989-315-1651 to make your appointment today, or visit

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is intended for educational purposes only. It is not meant to either directly or indirectly diagnose, give medical advice or prescribe treatment. Please consult with your physician or other licensed healthcare professional for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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